Fleet of Foot: 1.1

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to start a side project to celebrate Pride Month with the folks of Boolprop! This will be my Summer Sim Challenge this year. I’m going to be doing something I’ve never finished before – a Legacy Challenge!

I’ve tried for years to finish a Legacy, but I’ve never gotten past the second generation. I also wanted something that I could put together quicker than my Happy Little Idiots posts so the Fleet of Foot Legacy was born! The rules are simple. Everything is the same except the Lifespan is set to Short. (If I could figure out how to make it even shorter, I would.) This way, I’ll only be playing my Sims for a short amount of time and hopefully it will increase the challenge and fun of fitting in all the legacy hallmarks as quickly as I can.

As part of Pride Month, I specifically downloaded the LGBTQIA+ mod from Lumpinou, as well as others involving pregnancy and reproduction. I highly recommend checking out their mods because there’s some really great stuff!

My founder is Hermes Fleetfoot, a transgender man. His interests include fitness, photography, and recycling. He can bear children (though he doesn’t want to) but cannot impregnate others. I swear this will become relevant when you meet his spouse.

We have a lot of work to do, you and I.

Here’s a sneak peak at his traits, his aspiration, and how long he has to age up. 12 days is going to be tight, especially because I’m not very good at this game. (If anyone wants to see all of his traits or wants to know what they mean, leave a comment here or on Boolprop!)

On Hermes’ first trip to the gym, he immediately falls head over heels for Malia Kline. She’s got a cool goth mom vibe going on, and she’s trans too! (She is a transgender woman. She can impregnate but not bear children. Again, I swear this will be relevant!) The only thing going against her is that she’s already an Adult. That, and Hermes thinks she’s a little weird. With that default outfit, I’d think she was weird too!

Hermes works his butt off at the gym to work towards his aspiration milestones and then goes dumpster diving as a break after. I wish I could find a full-on bike in my dumpster!

Hermes hits up another gym and meets Malia again. She’s part of the Paparazzi and even Hermes can’t help but take a picture of some of the latest stars.

These two are so cute together that I got over Malia being an Adult. One thing leads to another, and they’re a couple! She moves in with a sweet 20k. I knew I didn’t need to get Hermes a job. I downloaded a house from the Gallery with all that cash.

I also give Malia a little makeover. She looks a lot like one of my trans friends in real life actually!

Malia autonomously proposes! I didn’t know they could do that!
A closer look at some of Malia’s traits.
One thing leads to another…
This is Bubbles? Booper? Boopsie? I have no clue. He’s a puppy Malia wanted.

After talking it over, Hermes and Malia decide that they don’t want Hermes to go through a pregnancy and hire on a surrogate mother for their child. This child will be biologically related to both of them but will be carried to term by a third party. It costs a whopping 5k too, which brings the family down to about 50 Simoleons.

Malia immediately spends one of those 50 Simoleons and feels… happier?
Oh, Bubbles/Bobble/Boopsie/Bosco? He’s ten times more annoying than Huey in Happy Little Idiots.

Hermes and Malia tie the knot in the classic Sim tradition – at home and in their underwear. Malia takes Hermes’ last name, becoming Malia Fleetfoot!

While waiting for the surrogate to show up, Hermes goes to the gym and completes a stage of his aspiration. When the surrogate finally does show up, she’s… mad about something?

Turns out she’s just incredibly angry that she ended up carrying twins! (I didn’t choose this, by the way. It just happened randomly.) Their names are Zephyr and Windy, both things that are… fast?

I immediately scramble to build a new house. It only has the one working bathroom and two bedrooms, but at least it has a functional kitchen! The house is decorated in Hermes and Malia’s favorite colors (green and black) and has dark shades/tones throughout. I like to think the kitchen was put together through a series of dumpster dives!

Hermes completed this aspiration stage right after I took this screencap.

It’s so easy to take care of babies when you can control both parents, isn’t it? I feel like a rockstar!

Just two days later, the twins age up into toddlers. That’s Windy on the left and Zephyr on the right. They both rolled the Fussy trait so that’ll be, uh, fun. They both got a variation on their mother’s skintone, though I can’t tell if it’s exactly the same or not.

And there you have it! The first update is complete with a third of Hermes’ Young Adult stage out of the way. Things are moving pretty fast already but I think I can pick up the pace!

Thank you for reading. Please stay tuned for the next update!

4 thoughts on “Fleet of Foot: 1.1”

      1. Thank you so much for commenting! I’m hoping to keep this Legacy quick and light hearted.

        We’ll see if I can keep up the pace. 😅


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